Thursday, December 20, 2012

Another Great QR Code Use

I haven't seen stunning execution of a QR code campaign so I like to point out good uses when I do see them. Here's one I recently encountered at Chicago Midway Airport. They use the QR code to solve the age old problem of forgetting where you parked.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Dear Southwest Airlines....

Why did I have to print a paper boarding pass to checkin at the ticket counter? I use your app, just let me use a QR code from my app.

Why am I still carrying that paper boarding pass to the the gate? Let me scan a QR code from your app at the gate.

Thank you for the birthday drink coupons, it was so thoughtful. But don't give me more paper to keep track of. I have 2 kids that love mail & I just moved so maybe you don't have my new address. Why not just give me coupons in the app you know I downloaded & use? Better yet, give me drink passes in my passbook. My southwest card should be in passbook too.

How about sending me a push notification when it's nearing boarding time? I don't always find a seat at the gate, I'm usually looking for a plug for my iPhone.

Thanks for listening Southwest. Your competition are doing some of these things already so it's time to catch up. If you want more advice or need help building your mobile features, just call me. I know some great people.

Kelly Manthey