Saturday, June 29, 2013

As Long as Flip Flops are $1 the Brick & Mortar will Live

I spent my Saturday waiting in a line that rivaled any Disney line in peak season. I was at Old Navy and flip flops were on sale for $1. I did not know this when I decided to use my Saturday to shop. In the hopes of avoiding the lines and  being the tech savvy gal I am I price checked everything I had intended to purchase at the Old Navy mobile site. The prices were discount but still higher. I'm no frugalista but I couldn't pay nearly twice as much online for basic cotton shorts that I'm sure I won't wear next year.

So I waited with my pile of clothes. And while I waited the line snaked between racks of merchandise. I couldn't help but add sunglasses, earrings, and a few belts to my pile.
Kudos to Old Navy for using the "Black Friday" bait of nearly free shoes to lure people in the stores and into buying far more than shoes. And ,unlike Black Friday, the flip flop bin never ran out. In fact, they were strategically placed throughout the store to ensure people would wander and hopefully pick up some $10 shorts or a $5 t-shirt. Those $1 flip flops added up to big money for this retailer.

My lesson: Mobile might be faster, a time saver but its not always cheaper. And sometimes, nothing beats a good sale. In case you were wondering, I didn't even get a pair of $1 flip flops.

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