Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Harvard WLF Day 2: The Power Pose

Day two was focused on how our body language both impacts how people view us as well as how we view ourselves.  I learned a few secrets that I am happy to share with you.  Most importantly, I learned that a Power Pose can be used to influence outcomes.  I am still blown away that I had the honor and privilege of spending 2 hours with Professor Amy Cuddy.  Not only is she brilliant, she has overcome personal tragedy - a traumatic brain injury - to go on to graduate from Princeton, teach at Harvard, and has spoken on the TED circuit. When I say I am surrounded by greatness this week I do not lie. Enjoy her talk and stay tuned for Wednesday's lesson debrief on Managing Yourself, Negotiating, and Winning.

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Amber Bel said...

These posts regarding the Harvard WLF are really inspiring. I hope to see more from your time there!